Generate excitement; the good presentation and visibility of your brand are fundamental when the purchase decision is made. We developed customized models for a superior exhibition and costumer interest.




Individual dispenser:
Perfect for reduced spaces.


Exhibit spirits in your business or your home bar. Handy and easy to install as it comes with a fixation device for different surfaces.


It is ideal for your home, boat or business whenever you want to exhibit and to control high value drinks.












4/6 or 11 unit brackets:

Specially designed for pubs, restaurants, hotels, night clubs, sport clubs, home bars or vessels, it’s available in three models according to the requirements of each space.



This metallic support highlights your spirits and guarantees the yield per bottle and allows you to better control your sales, therefore representing an excellent investment with fast return.











4/6 units with wood revolving base:

This decorative jewel is beautifully worked in noble wood and has a revolving base and a capacity for up to six bottles.






Handy and efficient, it serves the exact amounts of spirit while keeping every bottle closed; we recommend it for high end venues.